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Let’s get real, there are pickpockets everywhere and the truth is that there are 99% chances of you coming across at least once in your lifetime. Since I am a frequent traveler, I have quite an experience when you talk about one. I have the habit of always carrying my credit cards, cash, passports, cameras, and purses, being a first-timer I was not so serious about it. While I was wandering around the streets of New York, a woman came up to me and asked me if I could tell her what time it was. Before I could say anything I realized my pockets were empty.

Secret Mantras of Keeping Your Valuables Safe While Traveling

I was really shocked and alarmed that day and that very moment I learned how to be more vigilant and careful. Thieves go where the tourists go from stealthy pickpockets’ to bag snatchers, there’s no denying that they are present in every corner of the earth. I think the best tool to stay safe is being alert and watchful over your belongings. Now every time I travel I make sure that I am prepared with ways to hide my money and jewelry while traveling. Since I am a frequent flier I love maintaining my pockets. I usually complete my reservations with Southwest Airlines Reservations. I think the whole team is awesome and so far my pockets have always been rewarded through the endless discounts and cheap deals available all year round. For me, Southwest Airlines Deals and offers are another secret mantras for meeting my travel expenses. I would strongly recommend anyone to visit Southwest Airlines Official Site if they are planning for a trip sooner or later.

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Secret Mantras of Keeping Your Valuables Safe While Traveling

Whether it be gracefully sliding your phone out of your pocket at a bar in Paris or stealthily stealing your purse while you’re sleeping on a bus in Thailand, thieves are good at what they do, they are opportunists. And I don’t believe in giving them the open opportunity to make this happen. So, below are some of my travel safety tips and wisdom if you want to keep your valuables safe while traveling:

• Carry only the required amount of cash if you are out to the bars – not debit cards.
• Avoid keeping your phones on the table while you eat.
• Never keep your purse on the ground, table or hang it on the back of your chair.
• Make use of the TSA-Friendly Locks for hostel lockers and to lock your luggage during transit.
• In case you are traveling on overnight buses, sleep with your cross-body purse on your body and make sure your purse is zipped.
• Make sure you don’t store your purse or laptop bag in the luggage compartment while on long-distance journeys.
• Lastly, don’t forget to wear your concealed money pouch under your clothes


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