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Plan a Trip to Belize

Belize is a country situated on the Eastern coast of Central America. It has some beautiful beaches on the East and a lush green jungle covering the west zone. So book your tickets now for a wonderful vacation! To get exclusive Southwest Airlines Deals, visit the official website of the airlines now!

  • Belize was once considered as the heart of the Mayan domain. A vacation of a day or two around the Mayan is a must for travel lovers. The ruins of Mayan, Altun Ha and the city of Caracol are must visit for the vacationers. 
  • The trekking is phenomenal here, offering sightseeing and other natural activities. Scuba divers will find this place amazing as it has many islands. Also, experience the boating and tubing in the white-water rapids.
  • The long and attractive coastline of Belize is another top place to be at with many islands and caves like the famous Ambergris and Caulker. The area is rich in natural habitat, especially the birdlife. Belize is a place for nature lovers and the classic essence attracts many travellers. 
  • It is apparently the most wonderful nation in Central America. Belize is largely dependent on funds generated by tourism. The best food comprises a delicious combination of fish, red beans, rice and organic products, with many extraordinary cafés in all the towns of Belize.
  • Head to the Cayo District and enjoy many great activities here. Screwy Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many flying species, an absolute heaven for nature admirers 
  • Explore the dazzling UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Great Blue Hole by jumping, diving or swimming around. 

The small area of Belize makes it perfect for planning a vacation with your loved ones. Travelers have many options to choose among the Mayan ruins, national and beachside resorts and main city town. Visit the Southwest Airlines Official Site today and make your Southwest Airlines Reservations soon! 


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