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Kyoto is a city on the island of Honshu and is famous for its Buddhist temples, Japanese food taste, and fun gardens. Come here to explore and discover amazing attractions and sites with your family. It is surprisingly simple to make your travel plan with Southwest Airlines Deals that are shockingly affordable. So, come let us look at a few fun things to do in Kyoto when you are with your kids.

Iwatayama Monkey Park

Iwatayama Monkey Park is a wildlife region with bamboo corridors, you will find a small park by walking up to the mountain where you will get a chance to see monkeys and feed them. Kids will love to watch these groups of monkeys, deer, herons and other adorable animals at Kyoto River as well. Exploring this park is a fun thing to do with your kids after using exceptional airfare deals on Southwest Airlines Official Site.


Kyoto Samurai and Ninja Museum

Kyoto Samurai and Ninja Museum is an attractive and interactive place for kids to explore as it exhibits artifacts including swords and armor from history. You can take a guided tour and try on Ninja clothing, participate in swordsmanship and learn your historical lessons. With Southwest Airlines Flights, you can plan your trip to explore this museum with your family and get familiar with the old Japan.


Kyoto Aquarium

Kyoto Aquarium is a perfect spot for entertainment as it showcases aquatic center that focuses on Marine life. The museum educates people about the life of giant salamander, seals, penguins, and dolphins making it a fun place for kids outing. So, add this place in your checklist to surely visit during your trip to Kyoto.


Hirakata Park

It is an amusement park designed for children with a lot of rides and a large park. The park hosts an exhibition of few wild animals to see closely and the rides are also available for all age groups. You will get to experience a lot in a single park and will have a lot of fun. To explore this theme park, get your Southwest Airlines Reservations now and make this trip unforgettable with your family.  



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