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Are you a travel bug? Always daydreaming of far-flung adventures, stuffing your belongings in a worn backpack, and heading to the nearest airport becomes a regular occurrence. Travel is what unites us all, from unforgettable experiences to making friends out of strangers or connecting with locals in different dialects, this insane happiness accompanies us everywhere. Traveling is like a drug, each adventure grow up more, and every time you come home you’ll most likely want to go out again. Do you have that travel fever in you or are you looking for cheap flight tickets? No matter what the occasion is Southwest Airlines Deals and offers can help you tick off to your favorite destination without affecting your bank balance. Travel during the off-peak season or travel at your own convenience, our prices are unbeatable everywhere. From cheap flight tickets to exclusive tour packages, we can help you compare cheap flight fares and help you invest with the best prices. Don’t hesitate just make your reservations with Southwest Airlines Reservations.

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20 Signs You Are a Travel Addict

Here are some signs that might indicate that you are a travel addict:

1. You spend most of your time reading a number of travel blogs and travel magazines
2. You get super excited when your friends tell you about new destinations.
3. When your passport number keeps revolving in your head.
4. You speak in different languages while ordering food and booking hotels.
5. You always keep a packed suitcase in your room with a travel playlist on your iPod.
6. You have a membership on multiple airlines and you have an elite flyer status.
7. You have your trips planned for almost every decade and you filled your first passport before the first year gets over.
8. You love collecting different currencies which seemingly ends up in your wallet.
9. Films, books, and music makes you want to travel more
10. You become the happiest and most excited one among your friends and families when you hit the road.

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